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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Camp Atterbury, training begins

I was able to catch a few snippets of the UCONN game while going through the airport in Chicago. I could see from the 1/2 time score they were likely to win. An that was the last I've seen of TV.

Sorry for the big buzz kill here folks, but it'll be sometime before I write again. It would be prudent of me not to give details, even vague descriptions of what we do to prepare. I'll write about it all someday. I'll keep the blog going when I can & will send out emails to everyone when I'm able. You can reach me via facebook or my gmail account.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Leavin' on a Jet plane...

Somedays you just wish would be delayed indefinitely, you intentionally stay up late thinking the next day won't come if I don't go to sleep. Yet, you know it will come anyway. Suppose there will be quite of few of these days in the near future. Might as well make the best of them.

Duty. Short word with a lot of meaning. I joined the Navy to serve my country, provide medicine & care for those serving and possibly those in other countries. Duty I believe in, knowing freedom is a responsibility, a privilege, nor granted but earned. All people should have this right, yet many do not, and they go on with much less in life. I believe, we as people in 'modern' or 'western' civilizations understand we have abundance. We are very blessed. Yet, we take for granted, clean water, food, shelter, sanitation, lack of disease (pestilence), mostly because we don't know otherwise.  And when given the opportunity, knowing that we can assist others less fortunate with the understanding that the aid we provide will be of use, not of waste, we give generously, so that others may have what we have.

I recall the director of the summer camp I worked for once said, 'Becareful for what you wish for'. She said that, not in jest but in earnest. She has a nack for inspiring.

Waking this morning wasn't unlike any other. A quick goodbye to the Misses to send her off to work. I'm sad because of who I will be leaving at home and those freedoms that I will miss. I am excited to help those that are in need.

My flight heads out at 11:30. I finally get to Camp Atterbury at about 11pm or so. I'll be there for 10 weeks doing pre-deployment training. Departure from the states is 20 June. Will have more to blog about as time goes on & will keep the sob stories at bay.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prep San Diego

It's been its been a few years since I wrote. Haven't had much to talk about. 

There have been a few good patients I have had the pleasure to treat, but nothing to put into words. I figured I just bore you.  
Uncle Sam & the Navy's travel agency has got some plans in my near future. Rather than use mainstream social medial, I thought the experience would be better served as when I wrote about med school. Hopefully, when I'm in Afghanistan, it will be excessively dull time in my life. 

If you're interested in the coming emails & such, read on. I'll be transferring the emails & sending these out through my 'gmail' account:

At this time, I am officially 'deployed' in San Diego, finishing up 1 wk of processing, ie getting info & some gear/uniforms. On Sunday, I head to Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana for Army training. Yep, Army. I think my Uncles & Dad would be a bit proud but I joined the Navy for ocean scenery. Didn't expect the Afghan desert, while wearing & working with/for the Army. Semper Gumby.

The position that I was billeted to is known as 'IA ~ individual augmentee'. The Navy has been assisting the Army with staffing many of the support staffing positions. At this time I'll be stationed at/with Provisional Reconstruction Team Farah. The info about the small FOB ~ forward operating base is surprisingly easy to find on google/wikipedia & such. The base has about 100 
people on it, a mix of Army, Navy, & Italian forces, is basically 100 miles from the Iran, western Afghanistan. Fortunately, the western side of the country hasn't been very busy. 
There are a slew (~50 or so) PRT's (provisional reconstruction teams) throughout the country. The PRT's (mostly engineering & medical) work with local & regional people of the country. We've assisted them with building schools, bridges, community buildings as well educating them on those issues as well. Their  infant mortality rate and death of children from 1-5 years of age is 3x's of what it is here in the US & 2x's of what it is in surrounding countries. Education & health care for woman is a big deal with improving the lives of the people.

In the future, when I can & per content, I'll attach some photos. They probably won't be much, but 'hey, I'm in the desert' & it looks like Arizona or New Mexico. 
That's all I got for now. Until I get to Indiana, take care.